2020 Professional Learning Opportunities

Term 3 Teach Along – Text Based Learning

My Term 3, 2020 Teach Along will take you step by step through planning and teaching your English units.  This Teach Along will leave you with:

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  • The knowledge to confidently select a text based on your students’ language and writing needs
  • The skills to efficiently plan a unit of work that will maximise student learning while freeing up your planning time
  • The confidence to tackle teaching grammar in the context of quality literature
  • The strategies to engage EVERY child in your class in writing

The 2020 Term 3 Teach Along runs for 6 weeks and includes 6 live planning sessions, planning documents and a teaching guide. Learn More Here!


Term 4 – Supporting Students with Reading Difficulty – Teach Along – POSTPONED Until 2021.

Almost every class has students who are struggling to learn to read and almost every teacher has had students who they wish they could do more for. Starting on November 3rd 2020, this Teach Along will help you understand the potential causes of reading difficulty and how to support learners in your classroom. Drawing on the science of reading, my own experience as a private tutor, special education teacher and curriculum coach, the Term 4 Teach Along is designed to support your classroom program with practical and a student centred approach that can be implemented in any school.

To express interest in this 6 week program, click here.


Coming in 2021 –
Supercharge Your Phonics

Just about all teachers teach phonics, but not all phonics approaches get the same results. In the Term 3 Teach Along you will learn about the fundamentals of the science of reading. This Teach Along has been put together with the novice in mind. It is great for parents, teaching assistants and those teachers who have not had the opportunity to learn about the science of reading in everyday language with practical examples. No matter what program your school is using this Teach Along will help you to supercharge your practice and help all students in your class get great results. If you are a parent, participating will give you the confidence to make decisions for your children and support all children during those ‘parent helper’ times at school.

Learn more about this Teach Along here.