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The Struggling Reader in Disguise

 How do you know if a student is a struggling reader? How many ‘reading levels’ do they need to be behind before we declare them so? How long do you give them before you recommend that they go off to a reading intervention group? (presuming you are lucky enough to have one in your school). … Continue reading The Struggling Reader in Disguise

No Nonense Educator

Why Won’t He Do What I Know He Can Do?

We have all known a student who we believe can do something, but are frustrated when day in, day out they produce very little work or appear to be making very little effort to engage in the work we have assigned. I have heard the following statement many times. “He can do more than he… Continue reading Why Won’t He Do What I Know He Can Do?

No Nonense Educator

When We Know Better, We Can Do Better

Every single teacher is going to encounter students with dyslexia, and yet the vast majority of us aren’t even sure what it is. How is that possible? How is it ok that about 10% of our students can be affected by Dyslexia and yet teachers are left completely in the dark about how to support them?

No Nonense Educator

How Much Does the Science of Reading Really Cost?

Teaching children to read using the science of reading does not have to cost money. When you have the knowledge about effective practice, you have all that you need to set children up for success.

Inspiring Change

Who is Being Served?

I love watching reruns of the old TV show ‘Are You Being Served?’  The characters make me giggle.  “Are you free?” being the catchcry of Captain Peacock as he seeks to find someone to serve the Grace Brothers’ customers.   The concept of service is very close to my heart as a teacher.  I became a… Continue reading Who is Being Served?


Are You Nailing Context?

The recent efforts of whole language proponents to undermine the progress we have made in the areas of reading instruction have left me feeling a frustrated.   The strawman argument of “all reading should be meaning centred” was particularly frustrating.  As if meaning isn’t important to those of us who embrace the Science of Reading. I… Continue reading Are You Nailing Context?

Inspiring Change

You Don’t Have to Eat the Whole Elephant Today

Remember the old joke. “How do you eat an elephant?” “One bite at a time”. The same goes for navigating change. You will usually be constrained in your efforts by your school’s policy or approach. Even if you can’t make the changes you want all at once, you will be able to take small steps in positive action that get you closer to your goals.