Inspiring Change

Only Say ‘Yes’ to What Matters

Now that it is October you have likely started getting emails from every man and his dog about booking events, excursions and professional learning sessions for 2021.   It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of a proposed visit from Marvin the Martian (clearly not his real name) who will take your… Continue reading Only Say ‘Yes’ to What Matters

Inspiring Change

Who is Being Served?

I love watching reruns of the old TV show ‘Are You Being Served?’  The characters make me giggle.  “Are you free?” being the catchcry of Captain Peacock as he seeks to find someone to serve the Grace Brothers’ customers.   The concept of service is very close to my heart as a teacher.  I became a… Continue reading Who is Being Served?

Inspiring Change

You Don’t Have to Eat the Whole Elephant Today

Remember the old joke. “How do you eat an elephant?” “One bite at a time”. The same goes for navigating change. You will usually be constrained in your efforts by your school’s policy or approach. Even if you can’t make the changes you want all at once, you will be able to take small steps in positive action that get you closer to your goals.

Inspiring Change, No Nonsense Educator

Managing Wellbeing in Times of Stress

Maintaining your calm and supporting your team in times of stress is not just about eating right and getting enough sleep. While those self-care activities are important, they aren’t sufficient to get through difficult times. Give yourself a break and cut things back a little so that you can go on inspiring change.