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From Sounds to Sentences

One of the big questions I hear Foundation (Kindergarten/prep/pre-primary/reception/transition) Teachers ask is, “When should children be writing sentences?”  I would like to answer this question as it relates to skills as well as age.   To focus only on the ‘when’ as a consideration of age can lead us to ‘achieve’ this by any means possible,… Continue reading From Sounds to Sentences

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10 Weeks Left to ‘Crush It’ In The Foundation Classroom

If you teach in Australia or New Zealand, Term 4 is either upon you or just around the corner and many foundation teachers feel a sense of urgency to get as many children as possible ‘over the line’ before the end of the year.  The weeks are counting down and there isn’t long to go… Continue reading 10 Weeks Left to ‘Crush It’ In The Foundation Classroom

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The Struggling Reader in Disguise

 How do you know if a student is a struggling reader? How many ‘reading levels’ do they need to be behind before we declare them so? How long do you give them before you recommend that they go off to a reading intervention group? (presuming you are lucky enough to have one in your school). … Continue reading The Struggling Reader in Disguise

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Why Won’t He Do What I Know He Can Do?

We have all known a student who we believe can do something, but are frustrated when day in, day out they produce very little work or appear to be making very little effort to engage in the work we have assigned. I have heard the following statement many times. “He can do more than he… Continue reading Why Won’t He Do What I Know He Can Do?

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When We Know Better, We Can Do Better

Every single teacher is going to encounter students with dyslexia, and yet the vast majority of us aren’t even sure what it is. How is that possible? How is it ok that about 10% of our students can be affected by Dyslexia and yet teachers are left completely in the dark about how to support them?

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How Much Does the Science of Reading Really Cost?

Teaching children to read using the science of reading does not have to cost money. When you have the knowledge about effective practice, you have all that you need to set children up for success.

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How Do I know if I’m Teaching the Right Things?

A few weeks I ago I published a post about the importance of explicit teaching at the top of the rope. You can read this post here, but basically I talked about the need to teach all of the top parts of Scarborough’s Reading rope in a systematic and explicit way.  Grammar, text composition, use… Continue reading How Do I know if I’m Teaching the Right Things?

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Picture Books for All Ages

It is usual for teachers to read to children in classrooms. Ideally, our classrooms are full of books that we read to students and they spend time with daily.  We may even have a book that we read for its link to another curriculum area.  But have you considered using a picture book as the… Continue reading Picture Books for All Ages

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Managing Wellbeing in Times of Stress

Maintaining your calm and supporting your team in times of stress is not just about eating right and getting enough sleep. While those self-care activities are important, they aren’t sufficient to get through difficult times. Give yourself a break and cut things back a little so that you can go on inspiring change.

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When Reading Just isn’t Happening

Every classroom in the country has a couple of students who are just not making progress in reading or who’s progress is so slow that it is painful for all concerned, particularly the student. In this post I explore the possible reasons that a child might be struggling with decoding.