Personalised Coaching Session



Are you and your team looking to get a head start on the 2020 school year? Tired of sitting in a PL/PD and thinking,  “This is fine, by my kids need…” or “I have no idea what this looks like in my classroom”.  Do you have questions about why a particular group of students is finding it so hard to move along in their reading acquisition?  Looking for some personalised support for planning using the Australian Curriculum to help students achieve beyond the ‘C’ or some professional learning tailored specifically for you and your students?  If the answer is yes, book in for a 1 hour online coaching session with Jocelyn.  This session can be just for you or a small group of teachers with particular questions or a specific area of interest So, grab your colleagues and a cuppa (or glass of wine and nibbles) and enjoy an hour designed just for you!

Buy now for a January date to get on track for Term 1, 2020!

NB – Coaching sessions are available from 5pm onwards most days and flexible times on weekends. School holiday dates are fully flexible. In the unlikely event that we not be able to find a time to suit you, a full refund will be provided. Customers in the USA, Britain and Canada are welcome to book in. I will time a find that works for you!



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