Phonics Pack ar, or, air, ir, ou, oi



14 downloadable files to support your phonics teaching

A firm foundation of phoneme/grapheme correspondence is essential to support children to develop strong reading and spelling. Without this, children will lack the strategies and confidence to read and spell less familiar words.   The resources in this pack have been written to allow you to implement explicit phonics teaching in your classroom with the confidence to know that you are getting it right.   It isn’t necessary to purchase an expensive commercial program to teach phonics, and teaching effectively need not mean spending hours and hours preparing.  This time saving resource contains:

  • 6 x PowerPoint Presentations (ar, or, air, er, ou, oi)
  • 6 x Word and Picture Matching Games
  • 6 x sound posters (ay, ee, igh, ow, oo)
  • 1 x word building fan template (both colour and B&W)

(That’s 70 cents per file!)

You can learn more about how to successfully use the presentations here.


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