Supercharge Your Phonics Teach Along – An introduction to the science of reading.


You care about the students you work with. You want the best for them and to see them succeed. If you are new to the science of reading, this Teach Along is your first step in making sure that you are giving every child the learning experiences to learn to read and spell with confidence.

When working to achieve continual school improvement , it is important that all members of your school community are adequately prepared to support children’s learning. Are you (or do you work with) a teaching assistant, parent or teacher new to the science of reading? Are you confused and perhaps a little frustrated by the enormous amount of information online about the science of reading? It can be challenging and confusing to find information presented in a way that is easy to understand and use.

The first Teach Along of Term 3, Supercharge Your Phonics, is designed to walk you step by step through the fundamentals of teaching phonics according to the evidence. While most schools teach phonics in some way, not all approaches will get you the same results.

The program on offer will give you the information you need to understand how phonics fits in to the full reading program, how to teach it and how to assess it.

In this 5 week Teach Along you will learn about:

  • How the English Alphabetic Code is put together and how words work
  • The difference between ‘traditional’ methods and evidence based methods
  • The essential components of reading instruction across different ages and stages of reading development
  • How to use phonics to teach children to read at different stages (Beginning, intermediate and proficient)
  • How to link phonics to spelling
  • The components of a phonics lesson and practice teaching it.

What is a Teach Along?

A Teach Along is a series of online sessions that deliver practical, actionable strategies to you a little bit at a time. We know that professional learning is largely wasted unless you can implement what you have learnt straight away. A Teach Along allows you to do just that. Features of this Teach Along are:

  • 5 x 1 hr online sessions delivered in real time.
  • All sessions are recorded for you to watch at a time convenient to you (if you can’t make a live session) and you retain access to the recordings after the Teach Along ends.
  • Downloadable resources to support your teaching.
  • Online collaboration space where you can ask questions and share ideas with other teachers who understand your circumstances.

Why Choose a Teach Along over traditional professional learning?

Teach Along
– Value for money – $69 for 5 hours of content.
– Ongoing Support for 5 weeks
– Information presented in manageable chunks allowing you to learn a little and then teach a little.
– Live session hours are outside of school so there is no need to take a day out of the classroom
– All sessions are recorded enabling you to re-watch them at any time

Traditional PL
– $220 for 6 hours of content

– No ongoing support
– Information presented all at once with the risk that you never implement what you have learned.
– Relief teacher needs to be found and paid for to enable teachers to attend

– Experience the content once without the opportunity to revisit the presentation

What others have said

What to expect when you join a Teach Along

  • Access to credible, sensible, real life information and strategies.
  • A time commitment of 1 hour per week to participate in the live session or watch the video replay.
  • You will get the most out of the Teach Along if you try and implement what you learn within a few weeks of learning it.
  • You will be joining a community of teachers just like you who you can share with, ask questions of and who can become part of your teaching network if you choose.
  • You will improve your online collaboration skills as you attend live sessions and collaborate with others.

What is covered in each session?

  1. Live introductory session. Tuesday July 21st (6pm NT Time)
    Setting goals for your participation
    Identifying your learning support network
    What the science of reading means
    Traditional instruction vs evidence based instruction
  2. Live Session 1 – How Children Learn to Read – Tuesday July 28th (6pm NT Time)
    The big 5 of reading instruction
    What we know about evidence based reading instruction
    The different needs of different stages
  3. Live Session 2 The Alphabetic Code – Tuesday Aug 4th (6pm NT Time)
    How the English Alphabetic Code works
    Stages of learning the code
    Mapping sounds in words
  4. Live Session 3 – Blending – Tuesday Aug 11th (6pm NT Time)
    Stages of blending
    Teaching blending
    Challenges to blending development
    Role of blending in reading
  5. Live Session 4 – Segmenting – Tuesday Aug 18th (6pm NT Time)
    Stages of segmenting
    Teaching segmenting
    Challenges to segmenting development
    Role of segmenting in spelling

Download this Teach Along flyer below.

If you are tired of feeling behind the eight ball, never quite sure if what you are teaching is ‘right’, then this Teach Along is for you.