2020 Professional Learning Opportunities

Phonics instruction should be a part of every classroom program. Most schools include it in their early literacy programs, however not all phonics approaches produce the same results.  ‘Getting Started with Phonics’ will unpack different methodologies of phonics teaching, present the evidence for effective instruction and outline what high impact teaching can look like in your classroom.   Partnering with Beam Consulting, Jocelyn brings the research of reading instruction to life in a day that is full to the brim with easily understood information, practical strategies and real-life wisdom. Suitable for both beginning and experienced teachers, this full day program will equip you and your team with the knowledge and strategies to maximise your students’ results in 2020.  Book HERE


Despite our best efforts, there are always those students whose progress in reading is not what we would hope. There are also those whose lack of progress can leave us and them despairing.

Partnering with Beam Consulting, Jocelyn will share evidenced based and practical strategies for helping struggling readers. She will dispel many of the myths that abound in current practice and provide real life examples of how poor and reluctant readers can be supported.

You will leave with a real insight into how and why many reading programs fail and to design strategies that will support ALL learners in your classroom. Book NOW!


My Term 1, 2020 Teach Along will take you step by step through planning and teaching your first English unit of 2020.  This Teach Along will leave you with:

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  • The knowledge to confidently select a text based on your students’ language and writing needs
  • The skills to efficiently plan a unit of work that will maximise student learning while freeing up your planning time
  • The confidence to tackle teaching grammar in the context of quality literature
  • The strategies to engage EVERY child in your class in writing

The 2020 Term 1 Teach Along runs for 5 weeks and includes 5 live planning sessions, planning documents and a teaching guide. Learn More Here!


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